Winter Family Weekend - Louisville, KY

Winter Family Weekend - Dec 23rd thru 27th

Registration for the 2014 Winter Family Weekend began Friday using our new database system. Each primary contact was sent a personalized email with a unique registration link that allows for a much simpler registration that will be automatically entered in our new database.

We will soon post a link on the WFW page for a “Manual Input WFW Registration Form” to allow those not in our database to begin registering. However, each of those forms will require those registering to enter more information and will also require us at the office to manually enter all that information into our database. As you can see, it will be much faster and simpler for everyone if those of you who are in our system use the link in the email you were sent.

As an additional incentive to register early, on Monday afternoon we will post a notice that the trampoline event is limited to 130 preteens and teens. If you register now with the link you were sent, you can have a slight “head start” in reserving those spots.

Since this is a totally new system, we expect to have a few glitches and have already taken care of a handful. If you experienced a problem, please send an email message as soon as possible to Ken Treybig (, so we can correct it and send you a new email with an updated registration link.

Thanks for your prompt attention to this if you are planning to attend Winter Family Weekend this year.